…Oh, hello. It has been a while since this blog has been updated. We’ve been writing what we’ve been doing, but just haven’t uploaded it to the blog. School has been demanding, but we’ve both been keeping up with it. 

Here’s a promise: a new entry every week (some will be from weeks past).

So get excited to read soon!


Victoria, The Place To Be

How you goin’? We thought it would be fun to show some pictures with captions!! (Yes! We love captions!) But first, I’d like to say that Jade did a fantastic job in the previous post of summing up the challenging process of our move to Australia. I was most definitely not as brave as she made me seem! She, on the other hand, did not give herself enough credit. I couldn’t have done it without her. And, as Jade said, we couldn’t have gotten through the first few weeks without the love and support from our awesome family and friends. Seriously, it means the world to us that we have such a great support system back in the states!

Okay, so here are the pictures:
P.S. Here’s a fun fact:
The other day Jade and I discovered that it is illegal to replace a lightbulb without the help of a electrician in the state of Victoria. If caught changing your lightbulb, you’ll be fined $20! Here’s to hoping our lights don’t go out.


Have you ever moved to another country? Let me tell you…it is hectic. The weeks leading up and the first two weeks here were some of the craziest of my life. *This post is not the tone of this blog. We promise it will be a positive blog about this awesome experience*

I (Jade) like to think of myself as a writer and storyteller. I enjoy it. It also serves as a somewhat therapeutic process so I can reflect on what I have observed and experienced. I tend to write a lot, because I often remember most of the details. If you’re reading, get excited for a glimpse into what the past few weeks have been like (for me, at least).

I would like to start off by saying none of this could be possible without support from family and friends. So thanks to those who have responded to my stressed texts and messages. You have no idea how much your kind words have made this time of transition better. I am so grateful for you all.

Parker should be awarded a gold medal. When what seemed like the impossible presented itself, he was able to remain so calm and collected, while I usually freaked out. This is where I relearned one of life’s most valuable lessonsWhen life gets tough, it is easier to quit than keep going. But always keep going.
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ONE Month. Thirty Days.

That is crazy. Where did the last 70 days go?? Well, a lot of that energy went to our campaigns class…WHICH WE WON!! (Sorry, brief brag moment). But other than that, school got crazy busy. A few papers here, a couple of exams there and then a graduation ceremony. And now here we are, anxiously waiting to start the next chapter. But there is a lot of work to be done before.

First, the application process was relatively simple. No GRE required, which was a nice bonus. Our schools told us they would let us know within 4-6 weeks. Parker’s response came very quickly, as in, within the first week. Jade’s response took four extremely long weeks. Since we had not yet completed our undergraduate degrees, our offers were only conditional. The Monday after graduation, we requested our completed transcripts and then sent them to our schools.

After receiving our unconditional offers, we had the choice to accept or decline (we obviously accepted), and then we got to wait again for our Confirmation of Enrolment (COE). That took less than a week. Next up, applying for our student visas!

With all of the logistics of school getting sorted out, we have also been looking for a flat in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs. It is insanely hard to do from 9,191 miles away. We are hoping to find one relatively fast, but until then, we will be staying in a hostel. Fingers crossed that it will go smoothly!

Sorry that this post isn’t very exciting, but future posts definitely will be. Can’t wait to update everyone on how it is all going!

100 Days!

100 days until we return to the land down under. This time will be completely different.

This time there will be no Paul picking us up from the airport. There will be no study abroad group to go on cultural adventures with or to vent to when we don’t understand something. This time I WILL hold a koala.

Trying to find housing and learn an entire (gigantic) new city, all while getting oriented to our new schools.

It’ll be a crazy and fun time! The adventure of a lifetime (whoops…cheesy).

Stay tuned…

(p.s. our old study abroad blog can be found here: frogsdownunder.wordpress.com)